UAE’s Hidden Agenda in Yemen

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Source: Albawaba

………Economic advantages

Abu Dhabi’s presence in Yemen can also be seen as long term strategy of setting itself up in the region. In addition to securing its own economic interests, Abu Dhabi’s aim to secure as many ports as possible in Yemen is a way to position itself as one of the major players of international trade. UAE created Dubai port World in 2005 which is a global port operator by a merger of Dubai Ports Authority and Dubai ports of International. The company is currently one of the world’s leading port operators as it manages the ports of Bossaso in Puntland, Berbera in Somaliland, Doraleh in Dijbouti, Jeddah in Saudi Arabia.

Abu Dhabi has successfully managed to exploit the conflict to build its bases in Yemen as it has established its military forces in Mukalla and Aden, where the UAE also controls the commercial ports. It is not unlikely that the current offensive led by UAE backed forces on the port city of Hodeidah is not an attempt by Abu Dhabi to control the last major Yemeni port. As the UAEs secures its own geopolitical ambitions by entrenching itself more and more in Yemen’s conflict, the Yemenis are once again taking the burden.

Abu Dhabi malign activities in Yemen has largely gone unnoticed because of intense speculation of Saudi’s disastrous and clumsy military campaigns. Though the Gulf is exploiting the conflict for their own adventurous visions which is being ignored due to their stated allegiance to get rid of AQAP

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