New warfare includes infiltrating power, technology grids

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Source: New Westminster Record

The ability of countries to shut down each other’s power and communications grids is at the heart of warnings for Canada to exclude Chinese telecommunications firms from further investment here, experts say.

Minneapolis-based technology futurist Richard Thieme said countries having comparable technological warfare options to interrupt power grids, communications and other technology is a new form of mutually assured destruction. That’s the phrase coined to describe countries’ nuclear capabilities to annihilate each other during the Cold War.

“You penetrate, you disable, you take over systems, you later information, you take over,” Thieme said.

That’s what Canadian intelligence services have been telling the government and universities for years now. And, it’s what Canada’s New Zealand, U.S. and Australian partners in the so-called Five Eyes intelligence alliance have said as they banned China-based telecommunications giant Huawei from involvement in build-out of fifth-generation (5G) high-speed communications.

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