Exercise app maps military sites, reveals where spooks jog

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Source: Register

In November, exercise-tracking app Strava published a “Heatmap” of user activity which it cheerily boasted comprised a billion activities, three trillion lat-long points, 13 trillion rasterized pixels and 10 TB of input data.

It took a while, but late last week someone wondered “how many Strava users are members of the military or national security groups, and are uploaded their activity?” The answer is “plenty – and they’ve revealed where they work, where they live, when they were sent to a new outpost and where to ambush them when they least expect it.”

Ever since Nathan Ruser, an international security student at the Australian National University, observed that Strava’s data included the exercise routes of military and natsec personnel, locating military installations in Strava’s has become a social media sensation.

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