China to Construct Afghan Military Base on Afghanistan-Tajikistan Border

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Source: The Trumpet

China will build a military base along the border between Afghanistan and Tajikistan for the Afghan armed forces, according to a January 7 report by EurasiaNet. “The plan, if it is realized, promises a deeper Chinese military involvement in Tajikistan, which is necessary as a supply corridor to Badakhshan,” the report said.

The plan calls for China to supply the base with weapons, uniforms and gear, and also for Beijing to move military vehicles through Tajikistan into Afghanistan.

The news follows a visit in December by an Afghan military delegation to Beijing. Afghan Defense Minister Tariq Shah Bahrami said the two sides agreed during the visit to “deepen pragmatic cooperation in various fields including antiterrorism operations, and push forward the state and military relations between the two countries.”

Building a military base in this region fits in with China’s growing security ties to Afghanistan and its increasing presence in Central Asia.

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