Germany Quietly Working to Unite European Militaries

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Source: The Trumpet

German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen is working “behind the scenes” to bring European armies together, Spiegel Online reported December 27 (Trumpet translation throughout). She is doing this by creating a network of training facilities across the Continent in which officers and soldiers learn to operate within the military organization of their European Union neighbors.

This is laying the groundwork for a European army in a very practical way.

Last month, 25 EU nations officially launched an EU military pact called Permanent Structured Cooperation (pesco) that includes logistics, transportation and training missions that will help European countries learn to operate in coordination with one another.

Beyond pesco, Germany is quietly pursuing its end goal: a full-fledged European military. Once political resistance to the idea breaks down, Germany wants personnel who are ready to operate combined European forces. Spiegel Online continued:

It will be years before Europe becomes a true defense union, but von der Leyen does not want to wait for that to happen. For a long time, the cdu politician has been working on the Euro Army and pushing forward the networking of Bundeswehr troops with their European partners—beyond large armaments projects or command structures, so to speak, at the base.

Thus, the Bundeswehr trains a number of soldiers from EU countries. In return, German soldiers go to their EU comrades-in-training. This applies to all branches of service—from the infantry to the air force to the navy. Those who know each other [can] work better together afterward, the saying goes in the Bundeswehr.

The Bundeswehr currently has 24 training facilities that are open to soldiers from other EU member states. German soldiers are visiting 55 training facilities of other armies across Europe, from Albania to Spain, Spiegel Online reported.

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