IDF Chief: Israel’s Top Mission in Syria Is Pushing the Iranians Back to Iran

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Source: Jewish Press

The Chief of Staff stated that “we can’t ignore the fact that Hezbollah, the Shiite militias and Iran perceive themselves on the winning side in Syria, together with Bashar Assad, and share his desire to return to the Golan Heights. Iran wants to exploit its success and desires to establish itself in Syria, on land, air and sea.”

According to Eisenkot, Israel is currently engaged in military and diplomatic efforts to prevent the consolidation of its enemies’ base in Syria. He suggested that Israel should align with “a broad coalition that has reason to prevent Shiite militancy and hegemony in Syria.”

“Such a Shiite presence would be a sign of bad things to come for the Syrian people, the State of Israel and the European countries,” he said.

Eisenkot declared that the Israeli interest in Syria is “to push Iran back to Iran.” To this end, it must deal with a reality in which more than 2,000 Iranian experts are present in Syria, alongside close to 10,000 Shiite militia fighters “mostly Iraqis and Afghans,” and close to 8,000 Hezbollah fighters.

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