US plans to send more military advisers to Afghanistan

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Source: DAWN

WASHINGTON: US Secretary of Defence James Mattis has said that in the new year the Pentagon will induct more advisers into Afghan army, as Afghan forces with American mentors tend to win battles.

“We’re going to be putting more American forces, advisers, in the more conventional force in the Afghan army. As you know, they have not had them, and they were not ready to fight in the way we want them to,” Secretary Mattis said at a New Year weekend news briefing….

The secretary’s statement highlights a key point in the new US strategy for Afghanistan that President Donald Trump announced in his address to American troops at Ft. Myer, Virginia on Aug 21. He said the US was now shifting to a conditions-based strategy, “not arbitrary timetables” and was giving more powers to American troops in Afghanistan to engage the enemy. Under the new strategy, the administration also pledged 3,000 additional troops to Afghanistan, bringing the total number of US forces in Afghanistan to 14,000 — still a far cry from the nearly 100,000 troops that were there at the height of the war.