‘More US diplomats (COVERT OPERATIONS) on the ground’ in Syria post-ISIS, says Mattis

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Source: RADAW

Brett McGurk, second from right,US special presidential envoy for the Global Coalition against ISIS, arrives in the liberated town of Tabqa, west of Raqqa, Syria in July 2017. Photo: AFP

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – The United States intends to bring more diplomats into Syria as efforts to combat ISIS in the country shift from a military offensive to stabilization, the US Secretary of Defense stated.

More than 98 percent of land that was once held by ISIS in Syria and Iraq has been liberated, according to coalition figures reviewing the situation at the end of a year that saw major military victories against the terrorist group.

The focus of many is now moving towards reconstructing war-ruined cities, helping populations return home, and ensuring that ISIS cannot regroup.

With this shift to stabilization, “you’ll see more US diplomats on the ground,” US Secretary of Defense James Mattis said on Friday, according to Reuters.

“Well when you bring in more diplomats, they are working that initial restoration of services, they bring in the contractors, that sort of thing,” he added, explaining that funds intended for rebuilding the country have to be administered “so it actually does something, it doesn’t go into the wrong people’s pockets.”