Saudis Financing French Military Operations in Africa

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Source: Dreuz Info


Two weeks ago, the young president appealed to Saudi donors to fight against Islamic terrorism in the Sahelo-Saharan zone, a region beset by countless jihadist attacks.

Saudi Arabia’s aid is about to materialize for the G5 Sahel counterterrorism force.

As proof, the next meeting of members of this regional group is scheduled in Riyadh, in January 2018. The announcement was made by the Elysee, which already sets the “format” of this meeting, which should not not move away from that of the first meeting, on December 13 at La Celle-Saint-Cloud, near Paris, on the initiative of Emmanuel Macron.

This is the first time that an operational presence of French soldiers will be sponsored by Saudi funds. So much for the visible part.

There is no logic to the Saudi-only financial commitment as French soldiers risk their lives and operate in extremely dangerous areas in the face of violent extremists.

The French army is already  in a bad state. The French Minister of the Armed Forces, Florence Parly, made, last December 11th, surprising revelations on the rate of availability of the fleet of the French army, the scale of the waste and the bad management which gangrene this sector.

The French will risk waking up on parades coffins men and women killed by jihadists in the Sahel, while the Saudis are content to fill the checks.