Free Flow of Commerce: ‘Alligator Dagger’ Exercise Features Franco-American Partnership

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Source: U.S. DoD

This iteration of Alligator Dagger marked the first time where this recurring U.S. training exercise was expanded to include French military partners participating in the at sea and ashore evolutions.

U.S.-French Partnership

Approximately 1,000 U.S. and French troops trained together during the exercise to hone skills essential to ensuring regional stability, freedom of navigation and the free flow of commerce in the region. The exercise featured close cooperation between the U.S. and French forces deployed on the Tonnerre. The forces rehearsed possible contingency operations to provide a ready and capable force for crisis response and combat operations.

Honing Warfighting Skills

The exercise’s bilateral engagements focused on noncombatant evacuation operations; amphibious assaults; helicopter-borne raids; visit, board, search and seizure operations; airstrikes; defense of the amphibious task force; integrated ground-and-air fires; tactical recovery of personnel; ground reconnaissance; medical casualty evacuations; combat marksmanship and quick reaction force and casualty evacuation rehearsals.

Alligator Dagger is the largest regional amphibious exercise to integrate and synchronize TF 51/5’s warfighting capabilities with those of adjacent U.S. Naval Forces Special Operations Forces units to ensure they are postured and prepared to execute operations at sea, from the sea and ashore.