China’s new ‘Silk Road’ goes straight through the Caucasus

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Source: DW

When it comes to the economy, the Chinese government thinks and acts quickly. And the same it true of exports. Currently most products are transported by sea to Europe, but Beijing is looking for alternatives and have their eyes set on new land routes.

Four years ago, the Chinese President Xi Jingping announced the mega-initiative the “New Silk Road” (One Belt and One Road, or OBOR for short). This project involves various transport corridors from China to the west; for example through Russia and Belarus; or along the streets of Central Asia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey; or on alternative routes through Pakistan to the Indian Ocean and from there by ship.

Beijing has chosen several routes so it can pick the most favorable, and play the different countries along the new Silk Road against each other.


  1. The author must be way behind or enjoying the disinformation. Beijing to London rail connection already happening . Msm silent. Why no mention of Israel building huge port in Ashdod to link in. It’s not playing the countries off, its planning to dominate.. poor western thinking that can only go as far as bombing then installing puppet regimes to rape resources. At least china offers economic benefits for its leverage


  2. While the prior admins bowed to Communist China…they donated what Real Americans contributed: not they 24/7 attack TRUMP!\


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