Chechen elite forces to be deployed in Syria

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Source: Ukraine Today

A joint detachment of Russian “Vostok” (“East”) and “Zapad” (“West”) elite special forces battalions to be deployed in Syria, the Russian media report.

According to the report, two elite special force units will be transported to the Middle East by the end of the year, and the military police service and guarding the Russian airbase in Hmeymim are reported to be their main task.

The battalions will be allegedly deployed and functioning within the government-controlled territory of Syria, the sources say.

The “Vostok” and “Zapad” special forces unit were formed in 2003 in Chechnya, a Russian autonomous region that had suffered two devastating wars against Moscow government in the 1990s. The mentioned units were being staffed with predominantly Muslim Chechen servicemen, so these special force battalions are sometimes informally called “the Chechen Spetsnaz”.


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