Japan Defense Ministry, SDF networks hacked; state actor suspected: Now Denies

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Source: Japan Times

The Defense Ministry and Self-Defense Forces were targeted by a sophisticated cyberattack in September that may have compromised the Defense Information Infrastructure, Japan’s internal military network, ministry sources say.

The attacker, possibly a state actor, initially penetrated the Ground Self-Defense Force’s computer system and likely stole some information, though the full scope of the theft remains unclear, the sources said Sunday.

The attacker took advantage of a security loophole, prompting the ministry to raise its cybersecurity alert level.

Most officials were mum on the attack, but a senior SDF official called it “a very serious situation.”

“We must quickly take measures to prevent a recurrence,” the official said.

At a news conference Monday, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Koichi Hagiuda refused to discuss the matter, saying that doing so might give the hackers a better idea of government security measures.


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