Sunday’s Grand Chessboard Brief 27 NOV 2016

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Here’s Why the Defense Industry Is Ecstatic About a President Trump


Disunited States of Europe: Map shows EU SPLIT over how to deal with Vladimir Putin

Finger Pointed at Russians in Alleged Coup Plot in Montenegro

This Tiny Sliver of Russian Territory (and Its Weapons) Is What NATO Fears Most


Syrian rebels hand in heavy weapons in besieged Damascus town

Mental Video Of French Special Forces Taking Out ISIS Truck Filled With Explosives In Syria [Videos]

Turkey army says 22 Syrian rebels hit by IS chemical attack

Qatar will continue supplying Syrian rebels even if Trump halts U.S. role

Egyptian pilots flying Russian choppers in Syria

As Egypt quarrels with Saudi Arabia, it is finding new friends

Iraqi forces grind on in east Mosul as political rift opens over Shi’ite militias


Chinese naval ships at Gwadar port call for a rethink of India’s regional policy

The Islamic State-Taliban Rivalry in Afghanistan

China Says to Boost Military Ties With Strategic Djibouti

Japan vows to respond to Russian missile deployment to disputed islands

Oceania is changing fast and India will be affected

Japan scrambles jets as Chinese warplanes fly near Okinawa


The New Silk Road In Central America: Nicaragua Marches Forward