Russian military advisers supporting Gen. Haftar’s forces in Libya

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Source: World Tribune

Russian has sent several military advisers to Libya to assist forces loyal to Gen. Khalifa Haftar.

“The Russian support is conducted through UAE and Egyptian mediation assistance,” the London-based New Arab newspaper reported last week.

“There are tens of them (Russian advisers) and they are specialized in different war-related fields,” a source told the New Arab.

The source said that the Russian contingent aims to help re-assemble Haftar’s forces, renew the weapons systems they have, and overhaul their air and naval defense systems.

“The whole air force system used by Haftar’s forces was overhauled by the Russian experts,” the report said.

The sources said several meetings between the Tobruk-based government that Haftar supports and Russian officials have been taken place in Cairo this year.

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