Sunday’s Grand Chessboard Brief 13 NOV 2016

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Trump signifies he will end US support for Syrian rebels fighting Assad

Trump may end covert CIA support for Syrian rebels

US Defense Secretary advises Trump against cooperating with Russia in Syria

Obama’s Final Arms-Export Tally More than Doubles Bush’s


Germany proposes ‘Marshall Plan’ for Africa


NATO chief to Trump: ‘Going alone is not an option’

Russia’s RS-28 Sarmat Nuclear Missile Could Wipe Out an Area the Size of France

Britain to deploy batteries of high precision long range missiles on Russian’s border

Russia’s biggest oil company, Rosneft, has reported a 77% fall in third-quarter profits as a result of lower oil prices.

Pro-Russia presidential candidates tipped to win in Bulgaria and Moldova

Clashes break out as thousands rally against Turkey’s Erdogan in Cologne


SYRIA: Army Gives Terrorists 24 Hours to Surrender before Launching Massive Offensive in Aleppo

Russia Puts Strategic Bombers On Combat Alert For Imminent Strikes On Syrian Targets

Iraqi Forces Deploy 3 KM From Eastern Bank of Tigris River

Street battles rage in Mosul suburbs as ISIL hits back

Russian warship flotilla now off Syrian coast: military

Hundreds in Yemen Protest Unpaid Salaries, Fuel Shortages

Muslim-Majority Azerbaijan to Buy Israeli Iron Dome Batteries: Report


NATO: Blast inside U.S. base in Afghanistan kills 4

Chinese ship opens new trade route via Pakistani port

Former Afghan Intel Chief Accuses Pakistan of Militarily Supporting Taliban

Satellite images show Myanmar Rohingya villages torched