Canada’s current military operations abroad

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Source: CTV News


Operation Reassurance

Where: Central and Eastern Europe

CAF personnel: Approximately 220


Operation Kobold

Where: Kosovo

CAF personnel: 5


Operation Snowgoose

Where: Cyprus

CAF personnel: 1


Operation Unifier

Where: Ukraine

CAF personnel: Approximately 200



Operation Crocodile

Where: Democratic Republic of the Congo

CAF personnel: 9


Operation Soprano

Where: South Sudan

CAF personnel: 10


Middle East:

Operation Calumet

Where: Egypt

CAF personnel: Approximately 70


Operation Foundation

Where: U.S., Qatar, Bahrain, Jordan

CAF personnel: 15


Operation Impact

Where: Iraq

CAF personnel: Approximately 830


Operation Proteus

Where: Israel

CAF personnel: Approximately 20


Operation Addenda

Where: Afghanistan

CAF personnel: Limited


Operation Jade

Where: Golan Heights and Lebanon

CAF personnel: 4


Central and South America

Operation Hamlet

Where: Haiti

CAF personnel: 5


Operation Caribbe

Where: Caribbean Sea and eastern Pacific Ocean

CAF personnel: Approximately 120

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