Did Turkish Special Operations or Mossad Assassinate A Top YPG Kurdish Commander in Syria?

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For all we know it could have been an assassination hit by Iraqi Peshmerga Kurds (KRG) since Massoud Barzani/Iraqi Kurds profoundly hate PKK/YPG Kurds. However I am leaning toward Turkey or possible a Mossad hit. There are reports of Turkish special forces operating in Syria. Turkey sends 1000 special forces on secretive mission to secure”security zone’ in Syria  / Rebel general claims Mossad operating in Syria

Source: BI

A top commander in the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) has been assassinated in mysterious circumstances near the Syrian-Turkish border, according to local media outlets.

On Wednesday, the activist Hasakeh Press reported that an improvised explosive device blast killed Ali Boutan, who the outlet called a “YPG leader,” and two of his bodyguards as they drove along the road linking the border city of Qamishli with the nearby town of Qahtaniyeh (Tirbespiye in Kurdish).

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