Sunday’s Grand Chessboard Brief 06 NOV 2016

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Battle for the Arctic


Clinton camp warns any WikiLeaks whoppers are probably ‘fake’

WikiLeaks emails: what they revealed about the Clinton campaign’s

Clinton directed her maid to print out classified materials

The Clinton Foundation’s $20 million off-the-books mystery

US Russia War: Pentagon Warns Russia Not To Meddle In Elections

The U.S. Military Fears Russia’s Electronic Warfare Capabilities …

3 US Service Members Killed in Gunfire at Jordanian Military Base

Mercenary Firm Providing Security at DAPL Protests Did Covert Ops for Blackwater


Why Japan is expanding its military in Africa

Western Sahara: UN committee exposes Morocco’s plunder of natural resources


Europe Quitely Arms Itself Against A Russian Invasion

Russian military intelligence officers actively fighting against terrorist groups: Russian DM

Moscow warns of possible attacks by Russian jihadists on return home from …

How Russia’s little-known enclave on Europe’s doorstep could wage WAR on West

Russia’s Gold Holdings Have Tripled Since 2006

Russia and NATO Hold Dual Drills 150 Miles Apart in Balkans

German military investigates 60 potential Islamists in Bundeswehr

Increase in Swiss weapons sales to Pakistan

Turkish Coup Colonel Found Dead in Cell


The billion-dollar gold rush to tap into Iranian oil

The French air force has fired more than 1,600 bombs and missiles against Daesh

French Army releases night video of its artillery pounding ISIS positions in Iraq

British and US weapons among those used in Yemen

In Syria, militias armed by the Pentagon fight those armed by the CIA

4 Maps That Explain Iran’s Place In The Middle East

Iraqi forces suffer heavy losses in Mosul clashes

Egyptian Pound Slides Further Following Floatation

SAS HIT LIST British special forces in Iraq issued with ‘kill or capture’ list of 200 British jihadis fighting with ISIS


UN experts: 45,000 opposition fighters in Afghanistan

Is an Indo-Pak war on the cards?

South Korea to train Nigerian soldiers on counterinsurgency

Chinese, Indian troops in stand-off at Ladakh

Tens of thousands protest in South Korea, call for president to quit

NATO Private military and security companies contracting in Afghanistan: the problem of principal–agent networks

US commander in South Korea says THAAD battery to be deployed within 8-10 months – Yonhap


Venezuela, India Sign Oil Deals Worth $1.45 Billion

State of Emergency Called in Peru

British troops head to Colombia