Finnish security and intelligence agency SUPO suspects Russia of buying up Finnish property for military personnel

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The Finnish security and intelligence agency Supo suspects that neighbouring Russia may have begun a programme to buy up land in Finland for military personnel. The tabloid daily Iltalehti reports that as landowner, Russia would have the power to shut down traffic routes and accommodate soldiers.

Finnish Security and Intelligence Police Supo has speculated that Russia could use property it has purchased in Finland as accommodation for its military, according to the tabloid Iltalehti.

In a report to presented to Parliament in September on threats facing Finland, Supo noted that a foreign power could make use of property purchased without any commercial or conventional real estate value. Supo speculated in the report that such real estate could be used for preparations to wield influence in a crisis situation.

In practice, as a landowner, a foreign state could shut down road access or provide accommodation for troops, the agency said in the report. According to Iltalehti, in the context of the report, it was clear that Supo was specifically referring to real estate deals struck in Finland by Russia.

Supo declined to comment on the matter when reached by Yle.

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