U.S. Army ordered to consider Palantir’s intelligence software

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Source: Washington Times

Mr. Thiel, one of the few conservative titans in the liberal world of Facebook and Google, founded Palantir Technologies a decade ago. It has been in a long struggle to persuade the Army to integrate its intelligence management network into the service’s Distributed Common Ground System.

Last year the Army wrote requirements for a new version in such a way that Palantir’s intelligence software was locked out. The firm filed suit last summer in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims.

In sealed depositions, Palantir’s attorneys showed the Gotham system of collecting and disseminating intelligence could be integrated easily into the common ground system, while Army witnesses said it could not.

Judge Marian Blank Horn sided Monday with Palantir by ordering the Army to stop its current acquisition plan. Her injunction said the Army must develop a new solicitation that involves extensive market research into commercially available systems, such as Palantir.


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