Sunday’s Grand Chessboard Brief 30 October 2016

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Each Sunday I will track down articles related to geopolitical risk, warfare,conflicts, military operations and global destabilization. I use open source intelligence (OSINT), this involves filtering 1000’s of articles, listening to radio, monitoring social media and specific websites looking for the  OSINT I believe are part of the “Grand Chessboard”.

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Retired CIA Officer Explains Why “Hillary’s Emails Matter”

Some of the most important gains made in Afghanistan are slipping away

Taliban Gain Ground in Afghanistan as Soldiers Surrender Their Posts

U.S. air strikes spike as Afghans struggle against Taliban, Islamic State

Taliban blocks major Afghan highway in expanding attacks

Saudi-led raid kills 60 at Yemen security site, prison, official says

Yemen: Dozens killed in Saudi-led coalition air raids

Central African militias gather as French troops leave

Japan mulls deal to retrieve Russian-held isles by banning U.S. military from using them

Houthi Rebels Challenge U.S. Navy in Red Sea

Mosul: Thousands of Shiite militiamen join fight against Islamic State

Russia sending three submarines towards Syria in preparation for major assault on Aleppo

Syria: Dozens dead as rebels try to break Aleppo siege