Israel in secret deal with Germany to buy 3 nuclear subs with U.S. tax payer money

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The U.S. Congress/Obama Administration/State Department  approved a $38 Billion military aid package to Israel September 2016.   The military aid package to Israel is U.S. Tax payer money that pays for Israels defense. Americans should demand that Israel provide military units to combat ISIS in Syria/Iraq/Libya/Afghanistan plus the rotation of troops with African and Asian allies. I am trying to wrap my head around why ISIS has not once launched any terrorism operations in Israel. 

Source: Big News Network

Germany is to provide the Dolphin-class submarines as a result of secret negotiations which have spanned the last few months.

Israel will pay a substantially discounted price of $1.3 billion for the three submarines.

The deal is expected to be finalised in early November.

According to The Jerusalem Post, quoting foreign reports, the Israel Navy’s Dolphins ‘provide Israel with nuclear second-strike capabilities, as they can travel far from Israel’s territorial waters and are reportedly able to carry long-range cruise missiles tipped with nuclear warheads.’

“Submarines bring a level of intelligence to Israel that cannot be achieved by other units,” Lt.-Cmdr. Y., a past commander of the navy’s submarine school, told The Jerusalem Post in 2014.

“Drones that fly in the air can be shot down,” he said, “but a submarine can stay in enemy territory for weeks, and no one knows it’s there. It can lurk off coastal regions without any problem at all. The level of intelligence this brings is not heard about by the public. All of our operations build on past operations.”

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