China arms Afghan National Army while engaging in dialogue with Taliban

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Washington is implementing a Full Spectrum Dominance protocol on all continents, fighting endless wars and spreading the military very thin, Afghanistan is falling right into the hands of China.  Pentagons hands are tied by the incompetence of Obama, Congress and the State Department bureaucrats. The military should make all decisions and be in complete control of all operations and war-fighting strategies with absolutely no influence by members of the government. All future military operations should be responsible for protecting the homeland, all future oversea operations should be decided by American voters, not Congress or inept decision makers.

Source: Finance Express

China’s aid to the Afghan National Army in the name of nation building and simultaneous support to Taliban exposes Beijing’s double standard in the strategically-located Afghanistan. In mid July, Beijing “secretly” invited an Afghan-Taliban delegation led by the leader of the group’s Qatar-based political office, Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai, to hold a dialogue.

However, it was not the first visit by any Taliban group to China as it has reportedly hosted several meetings with Taliban leaders in the past without engaging the government in Kabul say sources familiar with the Chinese engagement. On the other hand, China has been promising military aid, including light weapons and aircraft parts, to the Afghanistan government with an aim to strengthen the Afghan National Army to fight against the Taliban.

Reports also indicated that in May 2017, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and the Afghan National Army are likely to conduct a 15-day joint counter terrorism exercise with a code name ‘Iron Fist-2017’ at the Korla Training Base in Xinjiang. Sources say China is thus arming the Afghan National Army to fight the very Taliban with whom it is holding a dialogue. ” China is hunting with the hound and running with the hare “, say Kabul based informed sources.

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