Satellite imagery reveals reconstructed Russian airfield in eastern Syria

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Source: AMN

Earlier today, Al-Masdar News learned of the Russian Air Force’s plans to use the T-4 Military Airport to launch attacks against the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) in eastern Syria.

With help from geo-location expert, Aldin Abazovic (@Ald_Aba), Al-Masdar was able to obtain the exact location of this runway at the T-4 Militaary Airport in east Homs.

The Russian Air Force was unable to use this airfield for several months due to the threat posed by the Islamic State terrorists near the Al-Sha’er region.

This reconstructed airfield will play an integral role in the Russian Air Force’s campaign against the Islamic State terrorists in the weeks to come, as the latter’s combatants flee Mosul for Syria.

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