Research shows US tendency to hide war against democracies, secretly detain their citizens

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Source: University of Kansas

A study appearing this week from researchers based at the University of Kansas suggests the United States tends to carry out secret military operations against other democratic countries of the world — but to conduct open war against non-democracies.

The findings appear in the Journal of Conflict Resolution.

The U.S. puts on a public face of being nice to democracies, which Americans think are nice,” said lead author Christian Crandall, professor of psychology at KU. “We looked at the U.S. going to war overtly and covertly. We found out overt wars are against non-democracies, but covert wars are highly against democracies. So, America goes to war against democracies — but we do it secretly.”

Likewise, the analysis shows the U.S. is apt to covertly detain citizens from democracies in so-called “black sites” while holding citizens from non-democracies in plain sight at known prisons like Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.

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