The U.S. Air Force Wants to Build Killer ‘Swarms’

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Source: National Interest

The Air Force’s Small UAS Roadmap is expected to increase use of small drones as explosives to attack enemy targets.

The Air Force is advancing plans to retire its Predator drone by transitioning more missions to the larger Reaper and rapidly increasing its fleet of small drones to blanket enemy areas with Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance assets, jam enemy air defenses and potentially use drones as small explosives designed to overwhelm enemy targets with fire power.

The Air Force recently unveiled a Small UAS Road Map which, among other things, calls for the increased use of smaller drones to accomplish missions now performed by larger ones. This includes initiatives to explore algorithms which allow for swarms of mini-drones to perform a range of key ISR and combat functions without running into each other, Brig. Gen. John Rauch, Air Force Director of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, told Scout Warrior in an interview.

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