Revealed: NSA built a 10,000 sq ft Tier III UK data center in 2011

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Source: Data Center Dynamics

Fresh leaks reveal a $40 million expansion in the UK by the US military

The Royal Air Force Menwith Hill base in North Yorkshire, England has long been known to have some involvement in communications and intelligence support services for the United Kingdom and the United States military.

Now, thanks to recently released documents from Edward Snowden, we have a better idea about the scale of signals intelligence activities taking place at the site, and the data center infrastructure required to support it. Specifically, we know that the NSA built its first Tier III infrastructure, a 10,000 sq ft (923 sq m) data center, on the RAF base in 2011.

While a lot of the National Security Agency’s spy outposts are focused on tapping into the world’s network of submarine cables (as well as working with AT&T and Verizon), Menwith Hill has specialized in monitoring communications sent between foreign satellites and wireless communications on the ground, such as cellphone calls and WiFi traffic.


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