Hungarian Intelligence Expert: Migration ‘Military Operation’ to Destroy Nation States

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The question is why are migrants travel great distances to reach the shores of Europe when Israel, Saudia Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Bahrain and Kuwait should provide humanitarian assistance to worn torn victims of Syria.  I agree with the former Hungarian intel chief that there is a geopolitical operation in action to economic and socially decay European nations with excessive migrants.  Who or whom are orchestrating the mass migration program is the million dollar question .

Source: Breibart

Former intelligence chief László Foldi has said that forces conspiring to open Europe’s borders are using the tactics of “fourth generation warfare” to turn the continent multicultural.

Former Director of Operations at the Hungarian Intelligence Services Foldi says the media, so-called humanitarian organisations, and Brussels work together to undermine Europe’s borders.

The spreading of such “outrageous lies”, Foldi asserts, are “not a random occurrence”. He reports that the episode is just the latest in a pattern of so-called humanitarian groups spreading false information to mobilise migrants.

These organisations, Foldi argues, serve a dual purpose of promoting open borders activism as model behaviour. Depicted by the media as humanitarians, and their actions pushed as being morally “correct”, he says this “has an effect on the average citizen, who is taken in by it”.

The intelligence expert points out that spreading disinformation so as to rally crowds of migrants towards European borders is not actually a humanitarian thing to do, and more resembles a direct attack on state policy.

“What we seeing every day here is a fourth generation military operation against Europe. Not using traditional weaponry to enforce a strategy, but using economic and social infrastructure, and one element of that is the actions carried out by civilian humanitarian organisations,” he explains.

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