France invest millions for special operations intervention force to fight terror in Africa’s Sahel Region

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The northern Sahel is definitely politically fragile, however this region is rich with oil, gas and rare earth mineral deposits. Investment is defined as investing money for profit or material result. France wants a return for their investment. When the time comes France will impose political influence in the region and request first access to natural resources. There is a geopolitcal battle being fought to gain access to Africa’s natural resources.  Read: Rare earth hunt leads to frontier Africa

Source: Africa News

France plans to invest 42 million Euros ($47 million) in anti -terror efforts in Africa’s Sahel region, a French interior ministry official said on Friday.

“In future we will train all the countries of the G5 Sahel and Senegal with 42 million Euros in financing, including 24 million Euros for equipment,” said a spokeswoman for Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve during his visit to Dakar, Senegal on Friday.

G5 Sahel is a regional security organisation composed of Chad, Niger, Burkina Faso, Mali and Mauritania. The investment period is 2017-2022,the spokeswoman added.

“We have decided to strengthen our cooperation between our police in order for the first responders and special forces to intervene at the highest level of efficiency in the event of a mass killing,” added the French Interior Minister.

The Sahel, is a politically fragile region whose remote desert area hold various jihadists groups, and is seen as vulnerable to attacks after recent terror attacks in Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast.

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