Russian FSB to decrypt all internet traffic

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Looks that both the U.S. and Russian intel agencies are keeping busy with newly passed counter terrorism laws to access and snoop all internet traffic and email accounts. U.S. corporation Yahoo admitted to colluding with the FBI/NSA to filter stored and scan emails in real time. Yahoo is a failing corporation. Was there an amount of cash paid to Yahoo executives to give U.S. intelligence full access to client email? Of course  Yahoo competitors Google and Microsoft are claiming they have never been approached, but both have ties to the Pentagon/NSA. RelatedYahoo secretly scanned customer emails for U.S. intelligence: sources , When Google Meets The Pentagon , Microsoft collaborated closely with NSA

Source: SCMagazine

The Russian Federal Security Service (FSS, or FSB) together with the country’s Ministry of Communications, are introducing of a set of technical procedures that will provide it with unencrypted access to the Internet traffic of all Russian citizens.

This move is the implementation of the recently approved Yarovaya Law, (a package of bills which amended a pre-existing counter-terrorism law as well as separate laws regulating counter-terror and public safety measures), which obliged  local and global IT companies, operating in Russia, including Google, “Yandex”, Group, Whatsapp, Telegram, Viber, Facebook, “VKontakte” to provide encryption keys for their web-servers at the request of the FSB.

An FSB press-service representative told that there is a need to decrypt all traffic in real-time mode, analysing according to key parameters, and in particular on the basis of key words. This will allow the Russian special services to more efficiently fight cyber-threats and to prevent cyber- and other crime. The new law will not only help to prevent potential threats, but also build profiles of user behaviour on the Internet, that will even cover psychological state, and taste preferences.

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