Pentagon official proposes four defense strategies for Taiwan

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Source: Focus Taiwan

The first reform needed, Helvey contended, was for Taiwan to prioritize its national defense resources and increase its defense budget to modernize its military, bolster its combat capabilities and develop the ability to manufacture weapons systems and equipment at home.

Second, Taiwan should prioritize homeland defense and invest more to beef up the military’s ability to defend Taiwan, he said, arguing that this would be Taiwan’s biggest advantage in the event of an armed conflict across the Taiwan Strait.

Third, he suggested that Taiwan develop elite forces capable of deterring, interfering with and delaying an attack staged by the enemy. Taiwan also needs a military that can quickly recover from cyber, missile and mid-air attacks by enemy forces, he said.

The fourth and last strategy Helvey proposed for Taiwan is to invest in asymmetric capabilities, which he said will increase Taiwan’s survival capability.

To this end, mobile coastal defense missile systems, sea mines and submarines are among the weapons systems Taiwan could deploy in asymmetric warfare, he said.

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