Turkish Stream ‘Important,’ Should Be Built – Ex-Military Intelligence

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Source: Sputnik

“It’s an important pipeline. It should be there,” Pekin stated. “Turkey, geopolitically speaking, is closer to the east. Therefore, it will make more sense for Turkey to side with those countries on the south and the south-east, Eurasia.”

Pekin said that countries like Turkey follow certain geopolitical policies due to their location.

“Whatever our interests are at that time, we would have to do things according to best of our interests,” Pekin explained. “When I am looking what is of our best economic and political interest, I would say it’s in Eurasia, not in the west. But it shouldn’t be a reason for us not to collaborate with West as well.”
“Russia has realized that the war currently ongoing in Syria is about natural resources, who is going to control these natural resources?” he said. “The US is basically trying to limit Russia’s expansion in that area, and trying to prevent their integration in the West.”

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