CACI private contractors to support military counter-narcoterrorism efforts

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Source: UPI

CACI International is to provide support services for the U.S. military’s effort against international threats funded by illicit drug activity….

Special Operations and Low Intensity Conflict is primarily responsible for the overall supervision of special operations and low-intensity conflict activities, including counter-terrorism, unconventional warfare, direct action, special reconnaissance, foreign internal defense, civil affairs, information operations, and counter-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

Under the award, CACI will provide a range of solutions and services. Among them: building communications networks; performing trade studies to identify effective proposed technical solutions; and supporting linguistic operations centers.

Tasks will include building mobile communications networks in multinational, potentially hostile environments to enable U.S. forces and related agencies, as well as host nations, to conduct counter-narcoterrorism activities.

“CACI has a long history of supporting the Department of Defense’s counter-narcoterrorism efforts,” said CACI President and Chief Executive Officer Ken Asbury.

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